The Sustainability OS

GLOSUS offers the easy to use but robust Software for corporate sustainability information management. Our modular subscribable cloud solution enables companies manage their ESG data aggregation for holistic steering, compliant sustainability reporting and positioning as leader in sustainability.

Colleagues work together as a team on sustainability reportings

Why is Sustainability Information Management important for your company?

Sustainability Information Management (SIM):

Gain a clear competitive advantage by making your sustainability activities and facts transparent and tangible - for customers, employees and investors.

Are you looking for non-financial reporting tools?
Do you need to collect and manage sustainability data?
Are you looking for a way to report according to ESG or CSR guidelines?
Your company wants to digitize and become more sustainable?
Maybe there is something like a sustainability management system?
Then Sustainability Information Management from GLOSUS is probably what you need.

With transparent and interactive digital sustainability reporting you can achieve measurable results:

Motivated employees work together on the topic of sustainability


Of Gen Z and Millenials would change their jobs due to climate concerns

Deloitte Study: "2023 Gen Z and Millennial Survey", 2023

Renewable energy is generated by wind turbines


Of ESG investments have outperformed (over 24 months)

Deutsche Bank: "ESG Survey – What corporates and investors think", 2021

Efficiently generated sustainability reports


Of institutional investors in the capital market prioritize sustainable portfolios

Investor survey for the real estate industry by Ernst & Young, 2021

Money saved through efficient sustainability reporting is handed over

Sustainability Information Management with GLOSUS

The different GLOSUS modules support you in managing sustainability information across all channels and areas. With GLOSUS Portrait, GLOSUS Story and the GLOSUS Badge, you have the sustainability of your organization under control.


Generate with GLOSUS Portrait sustainability reporting efficiently

GLOSUS Portrait monitors sustainability performance across legal entities and generates sustainability reporting tailored to individual stakeholder needs. The module includes a library of quantitative KPIs according to international standards and enables "digital tagging".

Employees work together in the office on sustainability reporting

Publicize your company's sustainability activities with GLOSUS Story

With GLOSUS Story, customized publications of corporate sustainability activities are planned and generated. The focus is on continuous "storytelling" of qualitative information, including social media integration with tracking of stakeholder interactions.

Employee works on laptop with GLOSUS Story

The GLOSUS badge signals the sustainability of your company

The GLOSUS Badge signals your company's sustainability to your relevant target groups across various digital channels. The badge creates access for talents, customers and investors to relevant sustainability information at their point-of-decision.

Employees compare sustainability data on their laptops

Modern sustainability reporting with GLOSUS

Modern sustainability reporting with GLOSUS


  • Comply with EU sustainability reporting regulations, which are to be massively tightened from 2024 onwards

  • Support of various global standards, including ESRS, GRI, SASB, DNK etc

  • Digital tagging of sustainability information - a sustainability report in PDF format alone will no longer be sufficient


  • Reduction of borrowing costs (interest rates on loans)

  • Easier access to ESG (environmental, social, governance)-focused capital

  • More efficient and easily customizable sustainability reporting

  • Automated scope 3 reporting to customers

  • Digitization of internal and external company processes


  • Gain market share due to transparent and continuous publication of sustainability information among consumers and B2B customers

  • Increased employer attractiveness

  • Increase in company valuation

  • Differentiation directly at the point-of-sale through the use of sustainability information e.g. in virtual show rooms or augmented reality on the sales floor

Interested? Then get started today and learn more from us about how you can benefit from all the advantages of Sustainability Information Management in your company, too!