Sustainability Experience Management (SXM)

Differentiate with your sustainability performance where it matters - at the point of decision of your stakeholders.

With Sustainability Experience Management from GLOSUS, your sustainability efforts become tangible - for your customers, investors and talents.

Sustainability Experience Management at the Point of Decision

Make your sustainability activities visible

Communicate the sustainability of your company and your products in a targeted manner at all relevant touchpoints

Display your sustainability at a glance
Raise Awareness for your sustainability initiatives
Communicate and engage directly to your stakeholders
Build Trust with your customers
Create Transparency for your investors
Spark Interest in potential talents seeking for purpose

How does Sustainability Experience Management work?

With Sustainability Experience Management, you are provided with various tools to make your sustainability activities and their impact experienceable at relevant touchpoints.

You have different options for this. On one hand, through XR: Virtual Sustainability and Augmented Sustainability. On the other hand, by presenting and summarizing your initiatives through a Sustainability Portrait and a Sustainability Badge that consolidates all pertinent sustainability data at a glance. The utilization of these features can be adapted and optimized based on the target audience.

SXM for B2B clients

Integrate Virtual Sustainability into your virtual showrooms and present the sustainability of your products and services in a contemporary way - with all sustainability data in one click.

Or use Augmented Sustainability directly at trade shows or in your physical showrooms and let your customers share your sustainability experience.

SXM for B2C clients

Present to your customers which sustainability goals and initiatives you are pursuing by means of a sustainability portrait of your company.

Communicate the sustainability of your products and services effectively with a badge that makes all essential facts and figures visible at a glance. Use the portrait and badge in e-commerce, on product packaging, sales areas or in advertising.

SXM for your investors

Utilize XR to showcase sustainability within your value chain to your investors and demonstrate your company's awareness of sustainability.

Illustrate in your corporate communication through portraits and badges that you actively manage sustainability activities and monitor your sustainability performance.

SXM for talents

Utilize SXM in talent acquisition. Capture the interest of potential talents for your company by integrating your sustainability portrait on your website or showcasing the sustainability badge through your social media channels.

Demonstrate to applicants via XR how sustainable your facilities and office buildings are.

Manage actively the Sustainability Experience with GLOSUS applications

With the applications of the Sustainability OS from GLOSUS you are well prepared to actively introduce a holistic Sustainability Experience Management in your company.

With GLOSUS Portrait, Badge and the GLOSUS XR applications you start directly with the targeted communication of your sustainability activities and can use them optimally for your purposes.

Illustrate the sustainability of your company in a structured portrait. Make the sustainability performance visible and tangible for your company's stakeholders.

Place your GLOSUS badge on digital media such as websites, shops, POS etc. to signal your sustainability activities to the world.

What are the benefits of sustainability information management for your company?

Book a non-binding and free appointment with our GLOSUS expert team now to analyze together the potentials through the holistic management of sustainability data for your company.

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The enterprise GLOSUS is granted by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of the EXIST program - University-based business Start-Ups.