The Sustainability OS

Discover GLOSUS: the ultimate Sustainability Operating System for organizations of all sizes and industries, worldwide. Whether you're a newcomer or an expert in the field of Sustainability and ESG, our cloud-based platform guides you effortlessly through capturing, steering and reporting your company's and products' sustainability efforts.

With our customizable Sustainability Apps, compliance becomes straightforward, resource efficiency is within reach, and achieving sustainable market differentiation is easier than ever.

Why a holistic management of sustainability data is becoming necessary for companies

Growing strategic importance

Sustainability reporting has evolved from a pure compliance exercise to a strategic communication tool. This goes hand in hand with increasing demands on the quality and transparency of reporting.

The demand for independent verification and assurance of sustainability information is increasing.

2006: Foundation of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
2013: Entry into force of the CSR Directive in the EU
2015: Adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the UN General Assembly
2020: Publication of the EU action plan for sustainable finance
2022: Adoption of the EU taxonomy for sustainable activities
2024: Entry into force of the EU Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

With transparent sustainability reporting you can achieve measurable results

Successful sustainability management can:

  1. Improve employee satisfaction and employer branding: Attractive working conditions and sustainable corporate values increase employee motivation and retention (60% of employees say their employer's stance on environmental issues is very important*).

  2. Promote ESG investments and sustainable portfolios: Companies with good sustainability performance attract the interest of investors looking to invest responsibly (91% of institutional investors in the capital market value sustainable portfolios**).

  3. Support the development of ESG investments and financial products: Demand for sustainable investment opportunities is increasing, which in turn drives innovation in the financial sector ($53 trillion is the expected value of ESG investments by 2025***).

In summary: Sustainability management contributes to a more positive perception of the company, strengthens its internal and external reputation and opens up new business opportunities.

Sustainability Operating System of GLOSUS

The cloud-based Sustainability OS from GLOSUS supports sustainability managers in the challenging task of recording, managing and disclosing corporate sustainability performance.

With our solutions, we support you in ensuring compliance, achieving resource efficiency and sustainable differentiation in the market.

Sustainability Information Management (SIM)

With the holistic approach of Sustainability Information Management from GLOSUS, sustainability data from all areas of the corporate value chain are brought together in a central database. In the process, the data is transformed and digitally aggregated according to current and future global standards.

Sustainability Compliance Management (SCM)

Compliance is of paramount importance in today's business world, especially in the face of constantly evolving legal requirements and regulatory frameworks. Our SCM solution allows for the automated scanning and analysis of the specific features and characteristics of your various legal entities. This enables you to efficiently determine whether certain regulations, like CSRD, are applicable to your legal entities.

Sustainability Experience Management (SXM)

Sustainability Experience Management brings your sustainability activities and their impact to life. Various tools such as virtual sustainability, augmented sustainability, sustainability portraits and badges allow you to address specific target groups and present your sustainability performance transparently.

GLOSUS introduces a new software category for comprehensive corporate sustainability management. This platform serves as the ultimate source of truth for sustainability managers, contributors, and information consumers. Covering the entire sustainability information value chain, it facilitates value creation from data sourcing to aftersales.

Modern sustainability reporting with GLOSUS


Stay one step ahead! From 2024, the EU regulations for sustainability reporting will be massively tightened. We are by your side to ensure that your company not only complies with the new guidelines, but is also compatible on a global level with standards such as IFRS® Accounting Standards, SASB, ESRS and more.

Discover the future of sustainability reporting with our digital tagging system. A simple PDF report is no longer legally compliant - rely on innovative solutions to effectively disclose your sustainability information.


Holistic sustainability data management has many advantages:

  1. Improved financial ratios: Lower lending rates, easier access to ESG capital.

  2. More efficient reporting: Automation of sustainability and Scope 3 reports.

  3. Digitized processes: Increased efficiency and transparency in all areas of the company.

Sustainability data management pays off - for the environment, society and the company.


Gain the trust of customers and investors with transparent and continuous publication of sustainability information. Differentiate yourself in the market by using sustainability information at the point of sale and in virtual showrooms.

Engage talented professionals through a strong commitment to sustainability and improve your company's valuation through sustainable business practices.

Harness the power of digitalization for future-oriented sustainability data management and benefit from numerous advantages for your company.

Interested? Then get started today and learn more from us about how you can benefit from all the advantages of Sustainability Information Management in your company, too!

The enterprise GLOSUS is granted by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of the EXIST program - University-based business Start-Ups.